Saturday, 13 September 2014

Apple is 50% more valuable than Exxon! That's $200bn

Looking at the biggest companies in the world, I noticed that Apple is $200bn bigger than Exxon, the second on the list.
$200bn... is like 1x IBM valuation .
It's also 3/4 of Apple' cash reserve, which is much bigger than Exxon's one:

Cash: $150bn for Apple, vs. $20bn for Exxon

Other operating metrics for reference:
Revenues: $170bn for Apple, vs. $420bn for Exxon
Net Income: $37bn for Apple, vs. $33bn for Exxon

The extract from our monthly monitoring:

Previous review of listed companies through Google Sheets:
- Some news in the Travel Industry in July:
- Explaining how it's done:

This month we added Media monitoring, which brings us to 8 industries:
Social Media
Mobile Advertising
Global200bn (Companies with a valuation of more than $200bn)

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