Saturday, 22 March 2014

Drawing the First Dots for JFDI2014a's Startups

Friday, March 21st: As every Friday at Blk71, Singapore, startup, wine and cheese enthusiasts are gathering with the JFDI frogs. Even more so this week to welcome the 13 new awesome startups to go through the 4th bootcamp (the first 3 incubated 26 startups, 60% of which raised $600k).

Pic by JFDI CEO Hugh Mason

Listening to the 13 great pitches, the following stats can be made:

On Day 2 of the bootcamp, 71% of the startups (9 out of 13) have no traction yet (or do not mention it). This number will go dramatically down over the next 98 days, JFDI helping the startups doing their customer development and improving the way to pitch themselves. As investors invest in lines, not dots, I will follow this closely.
4 startups are not easily found with a Google search.

e27's Theon (aka The Toad) is covering the bootcamp on a daily basis.
TechInAsia has no coverage so far.

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