Sunday, 14 July 2013

Insights into The Day 23,000 Geeks Visited my Blog

"How's your blog trending?" a friend asks me. 
"Why is my blog of sudden interest to anyone?" I wonder, while opening to find out the answer. There I see traffic numbers much higher than I am used too.

Traffic came on my blog from around July 8th, 2pm, Singapore time, which is 11pm California time and lasted for 12 hours. The results?

23,000 visits:

A peak of 3,000 visits in 1 hour.

50% from the US
10% from the UK
5% from Germany
5% from Canada

50% using Chrome, 20% Firefox. Only 2% Internet Explorer.

11% using Android, 10% using iPhone, 4% using iPad.

The post itself got 57 Google's +1 and 39 comments (of which 4, ie. 10%, highlight that I was not very smart to upgrade the company email's system without testing it first, and 3 share that they had a similar experience.)

Seeing this bump in traffic, I quickly updated the layout of the blog to bring a link to my company's website,, at the top, crossing fingers to get some attention there. And it did: 400 visits to came from the blog over the period (Let's note that this traffic was not targeted at the audience of Flocations so there is no conversion), that's around 2% of the blog visitors.

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