Sunday, 26 August 2012

How to use a Domino's "Sorry we're late" (FRP) voucher?

Sunday is the day I often order pizzas to eat at home (feel free to blame me). Partly because they are good, partly because they deliver fast and partly because there are not some many pizza delivery services, Domino's Pizza is the provider I choose for the order. Additionally, they have an online ordering system, which is convenient. As I have an account with them, they already know my address making it even more convenient.

However the ordering process is not without flaws... To use a coupon for example, is far from a straightforward experience:

I have a "Sorry we're late" coupon, because the last time I ordered with them, they delivered in more than 30 minute. Which is cool, I get a free pizza now. Except that it's not so easy to use.

The process to use a "Sorry, we're late" Domino's Pizza coupon

The website has a "redeem your coupon" page, which invites me to type the coupon code: A simple input field, as well as a (very small) picture to explain how to find the coupon code.

Unfortunately, my coupon does not look like the one on the website, and it takes me several attempts to find what I should type in:
On my coupon there are 2 different codes:

It is the first one, "FRP" (it is case insensitive, so "frp" also works), that should be typed in on this page, then a popup appears to ask for the second code:

On this screen, the coupon code is case sensitive as I discovered while typing my code:

It took me a while to even see the error message as the font is small and appears in the middle of the popup. Then I typed the same code with upper case and it was recognised:

As you can see, despite being recognised, I was still not successful due to an unexpected error: Domino's Pizza thought that I had redeemed my coupon already!
As this point, I called the hotline and ordered through the phone. That's a failure of the online ordering process I guess...

One a side note, the delivery took more than 30 minutes again, so I got one more "Sorry, we're late" coupon... I'm wondering if it's actually a loyalty strategy: Each time they give me such a coupon, I will order one more time, and still pay for one more pizza...

Suggestions for Domino's Pizza:

- Include details about the code to enter in the first screen (example of code to type in, like "FRP" will help)
- Manage lower and upper cases in both screens to be more convenient.
- Increase the visibility of the error messages: red font is widely used to highlight that there is a problem, and some white spaces within the popup will help readability.
- Update the "I do not have the coupon" button... I still don't get what it does: is it to allow usage of a coupon without having it in your hand, or to go back to the previous page?


  1. thanks for the info, i managed to use my coupon after reading ur blog

  2. Thanks to you as well! I was floundering on the order website trying to figure out how to use the "Sorry, we're late" coupon, and finally got it after reading your post! THANK YOU! :D

  3. Thanks, we had the same problem = )