Sunday, 4 March 2012

Talking about the impact of visualisation and the future of online travel

Hundreds of representatives of airlines and hotel chains were in Singapore last month for the Travel Distribution World conference ... and I was there too!!

That's because I was invited to speak about what we do at You can find the slides below.

The main points were about the misfit between current online travel agencies and leisure travellers and how the travel planning process can be made much better for such travellers. One of the reason of the current offer in online travel planning is due to historical reason. As Ric at GottaGetaway puts it, the travel industry spent the past 2 decades putting the travel inventories online, allowing to search and book flights and travel related stuffs.

Now is time to bring personalisation and fun into the process.

It also includes screenshots from HipMunk which is also doing an awesome job at visualisation flights (on a timeline for time sensitive travellers) and hotels (to avoid getting an hotel kilometers away from where you want to go).

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